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International Physics &
Culture Olympiad 



Find the teacher, who is responsible for enrolling students in your school. Ask him or her to add your name to the list of students who will participate!


Collect !

Collect Postcards, Stickers and Stamps from IPhCO Special Editions


IPhCO & Google

In order to enable virtual tours, IPhCO, with the support of GOOGLE, started in 2017 the mapping of Cultural Spaces in Curitiba.


Open the 1st Portal

Start your journey by opening the first Portal! Every day a new question, a new challenge!


Virtual Tours !

Discover Brazil and the world through the virtual tours that IPhCO brings you!



Please, read some comments from students and teachaers who have participated in previous IPhCO editions.

Pilgrim Project

The Project

The main objective of the Pilgrim Project is the collaboration between schools in Brazil and abroad. Our goal is to form a group of teachers who are interested in science and culture. It's an opportunity to expand our view of the world and increase young people's interest in science in a fun and very rewarding way!



To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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